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Children are our future and they deserve better. We build tools for our little ones to learn with a sense of purpose and ownership, while providing grown-ups with insights into their world to help them learn better. We start with financial literacy, an essential life skill.

Keep it real

Children learn most effectively by managing real money, not virtual currency.

Actions speak louder

Parental involvement and role-modelling are essential in influencing a child’s behavior and values.

The empowered one

Children must be allowed the responsibility to make decisions about their own money.


Co-founder, Product Development

Min Xuan Lee, Co-founder

With an eclectic blend of leadership, design, and startup experiences, Min drives PlayMoolah's business and product direction. Passionate about re-inventing education and curious about how people learn, she enjoys tinkering with ideas that fuse together education, technology, and clever design.

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Co-founder, Community and Marketing

Audrey Tan, Co-founder

Audrey oversees product marketing and community strategy at PlayMoolah. An advocate for financial literacy and innovation in children's learning products, Audrey wrote a thesis on effective triggers in money management games. She is passionate about social change and loves children.

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Tech Guru and Flash Development Lead

Arul Prasad, Tech Guru

Arul injects the magic into PlayMoolah's product with many years of experience in Flash technology. He has an insatiable appetite for keeping up to date with the latest technologies and the most random pieces of news, coupled with a playful streak that finds its way into every corner of the company.

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Project Manager and Rails Development Lead

Mingding Han, Project Samurai

When not fussing over the server back-end, Mingding focuses on shaping the company and product vision into reality. He's fascinated with technology and its potential for disruptive innovation and empowering people, especially youths, and he's always looking forward to hear and share the next inspiring story.


MoolahKids on Camera

A video montage of the children across Singapore and the US who have had a sneak preview of the PlayMoolah experience. See what they have to say!

The Story

It was late 2008 when the economy took a nose-dive. Then, it was not uncommon to hear frightful headlines like the largest government bailout in history, bankruptcy filing rates hitting a 5-year peak, and household debt at a record high…

Closer to heart, we were having conversations with friends who lamented their burden of debt, and admitted to not knowing where their money was going. Many who felt inadequate much rather escape than broach the subject or seek help. All the time we wondered, why only now? What about their children?

We dived in to fundamentally understand the problem of financial illiteracy in America -

1. Children lack financial education. High school students know less about financial topics than their peers did 30 years ago.

2. Schools are not doing a good job. Students’ scores on Jump$tart Coalition assessments have been declining since the first survey administered in 1997.

3. Parents don’t know where to begin. Only 32% of American parents talk to their children regularly about money

Most solutions are simple, and it starts with the individual. We aim to combine our study of children's online experiences and savings research, to create a tool for the whole family - so children cultivate sound money habits from a young age, and grown-ups can engage in the money management process together!