Singapore, 1 August 2014 - PlayMoolah, makers of life simulation application WhyMoolah, today announced the launch of Act 2 due to popular demand. Act 2 enables players who have completed Act 1 to play out their lives from age 35 to 55.

Staying true to the app's original intention, Act 2 provides users with unique learning experiences that mimic real-life decisions through a wider range of scenarios, such as raising a family and taking care of aging parents, while balancing career growth and a healthy lifestyle.

"With Act 2, we hope that young adults can be spurred to take action to prepare themselves for the realities of their life choices. From all that we have learned and the overwhelming response we received from our users in Act 1, we felt empowered to continue developing Act 2 independently for the benefit of young adults in Singapore," says Audrey Tan, Dreams Architect and Co-Founder of PlayMoolah.

She continues, "To a young person, a 50 year old version of themselves is simply unimaginable! The key to helping young people take action on their finances lies in being able to visualize how their decisions affect the outcome of their lives."

Screenshot of Act 2

In addition to Act 2, users can also look forward to an enhanced version of Act 1, which remains available for free. Many of the enhancements were made to introduce the complex topic of insurance by breaking it into simpler pieces. "The aim was to make insurance jargon easier to understand and more relatable to real-life scenarios," says Tan.

"We live in an era of unprecedented financial complexity. Money management can be daunting that we can understand why young people procrastinate dealing with it. Our goal with WhyMoolah is to allow users to play out their life's big decisions in a light hearted way, reflecting the steps one can simply take to take control and be less intimidated by money," says Tan.

To achieve this goal, the team has expanded their efforts beyond the app, taking WhyMoolah's mission offline.

The team founded Honesty Circles as part of the efforts in empowering young people to build a positive relationship to money. These monthly gatherings of the community are safe spaces where people come together to dialogue about their relationships with money.

Honesty Circle

"Now that WhyMoolah has been an independent effort since April 2014, we feel that we have more freedom to experiment with solutions that work best for our users."

Act 1 was launched in October 2013 in partnership with DBS Remix to positive reviews from users, who have shared how it has impacted their lives. "I'm studying now and currently mooching off my parents... this [app] really prompted me to think outside and understand how expensive life really is," reviewed WhyMoolah user Samantha.

"The team has learned a lot from our positive working relationship with DBS Remix in developing Act 1," says Tan. "We gained a deep understanding of the local market in terms of their money habits and money relationships. From all that we have learned and the overwhelming response we received from our users, we felt empowered to continue developing Act 2 independently for the benefit of young adults in Singapore," says Tan.

WhyMoolah Act 1 is available to download for free on Apple App Store and Google Play, and Act 2 is available as an in-app purchase at an introductory price of $1.28 for a limited time.

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PlayMoolah designs authentic experiences for children and young adults to learn about and how to responsibly handle money. Partnering with parents, peers and financial / learning institutions, youth and young adults learn to earn, spend, save, invest, and give in a way that's fun, educational, and safe. PlayMoolah designs game mechanics to inspire real-world action, giving the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for financial literacy at all ages. PlayMoolah is on a mission to empower the next generation to realize how money can help achieve their goals and create value in the world.

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