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The basic version of PlayMoolah is free (signup here) and delivers tons of fun, but becoming a member unlocks so much more! Kickstart financial empowerment in a way that’s fun, educational, and safe, with a PlayMoolah membership that brings the whole family together.

For Kids

  • Unlock a world of FUN

    We designed PlayMoolah for kids to have fun! Members get cool jobs to earn more moops, buy special items from member-only shops, and play more great games in the Dreamverse.


    Who says learning has to be boring? A membership unlocks 100+ questions to hone numeracy and money savvy! We’ve worked with leading experts to make money simple, letting kids earn, spend, save, invest, and give.


    Take action in REAL life! As a member, you now have super abilities to take charge of your own money. Set unlimited saving goals for the stuff you want, donate to real charities, and earn even more money!

For Parents

  • Your very own parents’ dashboard

    A membership gives you one convenient place for you to stay updated on all that your child is learning and doing in PlayMoolah!

  • Participate in your child’s learning journey

    We make it easy for parents! Get involved with your child’s learning by tracking their progress, matching their goals, setting chores, or helping them donate to their charity of choice.

  • Fun ideas for the whole family!

    Each week, we send you fun family project ideas that you can do together as a family - offering you teachable moments to impart the values that are important to you!

What's More

  • Your children are always safe

    We take your child’s safety very seriously and don’t offer any way for strangers to contact them. We also do not collect any personal identifiable information of your child.

  • Hide all logos and promotions

    Do you want a distraction-free interface? Upgrading your account guarantees that you will not see any promotions from the financial institution that sponsored your account.

  • Give a gift of financial education

    For every membership, PlayMoolah sponsors a free account for a less-privileged child who could benefit from financial education.

What Parents Are Saying

  • "My child makes more thoughtful buying decisions as a direct result of usinayMoolah!"

    - L Moore, California
  • "Daryl started saving up his daily school allowance, skipping snacks during recess in order to buy the Angry Birds toy he set as his goal."

    - Yiu Lin, Singapore
  • "PlayMoolah breaks down the complexity of financial education into smaller, easy chunks that makes it very fun for young children to understand and engage."

    - Hajijah, Austria

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