President Obama declares April as Financial Literacy Month

Thank you Mr President for proclaiming April as the Financial Literacy Month here in the United States. This initiative will not only present a common ground for the dire need of financial literacy across generations but an occasion for us strategically evaluate our financial decisions and dispositions.

The recent years and economic recessions have brought about a compelling echo that we ought to pay attention to the way we adults manage our finances. This however has a trickling effect down to our young too. Children often role model from their parents and these financial habits if not managed, will be streamed down to our children.

We at PlayMoolah celebrate this occasion with hopes that Financial Literacy Month will trigger many more young people to start being curious about money. I learnt that money is not a means to an end, rather a tool and money equips, empowers each and everyone of us to do greater things for the world! Let’s start empowering our young children the valuable money lessons at the start of a young age!

We hereby launch the PlayMoolah Global Kids News Competition here in the United States! It’s time to get curious about money you children of the world! Pick a topic, Money in Action – Questions around, “where does money come from?”, Crunch That Crisis – “what is the financial crisis?”. Interview any grown up about the questions you will like answered about these topics! This competition aims to engage communities all around the world by empowering children to initiate key conversations about money.

Similarly in Singapore, together with Citi-NIE, we have charted the way ahead in this competition to empower our children about the money questions they have View some of our stellar entries here. Way to go Singapore schools! Great job on the entries Teams!

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